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Continuous infusion
Jan 22, 2018

As an infusion device that replaces the traditional infusion method, there must first be a liquid pushing device which should be graded to accommodate the precise adjustment of the flow rate. In order to achieve a precise adjustment, the actual flow rate should also be checked and compared with the preset flow rate, then the liquid pushing device should be adjusted to achieve the purpose of negative feedback control. Since the liquid is directly injected into the patient's vein, to a large extent related to the comfort of the patient, it must have an alarm system. In the case of anomalies, it should promptly stop infusion, and produce light alarm and alarm call, so that medical staff in a timely manner. The required infusion rate (ml / h) and drip (drop / minute) can be set via the buttons on the instrument panel. Usually the panel also shows the set flow and actual input. At present, many infusion sets can also set the total amount of input. When the input reaches the total amount of required fluid, the infusion set can automatically stop the infusion and display on the panel the liquid that has been input into the body. In addition, the source of the alarm is usually displayed on the panel for medical staff to handle.

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