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Problems encountered in the use of disposable infusion sets and their handling way
Apr 08, 2018

Disposable infusion sets have been widely used in clinical practice. However, in clinical practice, the following problems have been experienced in the use of disposable infusion sets. If they are handled improperly, they will cause adverse consequences and may even endanger the lives of patients. The experience will be introduced as follows:

 1 In the beginning of infusion and the process of infusing air from above the infusion tube during infusion, if the needle of the infusion tube after inserting the infusion bottle plug is opposite to the inclined surface of the ventilator needle needle, the distance is relatively short, and the position of the ventilation needle is slightly lower than that of the infusion tube needle. In the position, the suction generated by the liquid flow rate in the infusion tube sucks the air bubbles generated by the ventilation needle into the infusion tube. Moreover, the closer the distance between the two needles is, the faster the liquid flows and the more gas is sucked into the infusion tube. In addition, the needle inserted into the infusion bottle stopper has poor stability of the stopper, and if the infusion tube is affected by an external force such as the movement of the patient's body during the infusion, the needle of the infusion tube connected therewith will also move in the direction and position accordingly. If the two needles are in the air intake position, air can enter the infusion tube from the needle of the infusion tube. If the treatment is not timely, it will lead to the occurrence of air embolism and endanger the lives of patients. The treatment method for the above situation is as follows: When infusion or liquid replacement, the two needles are prevented from facing each other and keep a certain distance. Infusion, if you find the intake above the infusion tube, you can immediately rotate one of the two needles, so that the needle beveled back, you can immediately prevent the continued entry of air.

2 The treatment of slow blood returning after the needle is inserted Sometimes, when the needle is injected, the needle has entered the blood vessel but no blood has returned. Then the needle is inserted to pierce the blood vessel. The solution is to place the infusion tube governor at a higher position. This back to the blood soon, so as to avoid piercing the blood vessels.

3 Treatment of liquid leaks from the vent tube Clinical infusions often encounter leakage from the vent tube. In order to prevent the leakage of liquid, the usual practice is to remove the ventilation needle on the infusion bottle stopper, and then insert a certain amount of liquid, and then insert the ventilation needle back. This will not only waste but also delay time. The treatment method is as follows: When adding the liquid to the infusion bottle, pay attention to the amount of air that is ≥ the amount of the drug. In the case of liquid leakage, the needle of the infusion tube can be unplugged, and the infusion bottle can be inverted so that the air in the bottle escapes from the ventilation needle. After the air pressure inside and outside the bottle tends to balance, the needle of the infusion tube is inserted back and the leakage phenomenon stops.

 4 Dripping speed is more difficult to control the treatment of disposable infusion device materials are hard plastic products, so when adjusting the infusion rate when adjusted to a certain number of drops, the inflated infusion tube and governor easy automatic reset The winter is particularly obvious, so that the number of drops is not allowed. Therefore, it is necessary to intensify the observation and observation, adjust the infusion rate at any time, and ensure that the liquid is input into the body within a specified time to ensure the curative effect.

 5 Treatment of venous return during liquid replacement In clinical infusion, the liquid in the infusion bottle is sometimes replaced with liquid that has not been added with liquid, causing a large amount of blood backflow, which may easily cause psychological pressure on the patient. Treatment: Whenever the liquid is replaced, attention should be paid to inserting the ventilation needle into the infusion bottle stopper first. After the negative pressure in the infusion bottle becomes positive pressure, insert the infusion tube needle to avoid the phenomenon of venous return.

  6 Treatment for the instillation of liquid in the middle of the infusion, accompanied by the phenomenon of blood reflux. Sometimes the infusion is stopped halfway, the liquid input stops, and the blood is continuously returned to the silicone tube. After pressurization, blood can be squeezed into blood vessels. After loosening the blood, the blood continues to flow back. It was observed that this phenomenon was caused by the blockage of the ventilation needles. On the treatment, another unobstructed ventilation needle can be inserted into the infusion bottle stopper to restore the normal state of the infusion.

 7 Treatment of the air in the lower part of the infusion tube Infusion, if the lower part of the Maffy dropper enters more air, it is difficult to eject it. Treatment method: The regulator can be closed, and then the outer wall of the silicone tube at the upper end of the air is constantly bombarded, so that part of the air in the tube becomes a small bubble and enters the Mao Fei's dropper, and then continues the bombing. In order to prevent blocking of the puncture needle for a long time, the regulator can be turned on for a period of time. After a small amount of liquid is input, the regulator is closed, and the above operation is repeated until all the air is blown up to the Phillips dropper. .

 8 Treatment of air in the end of the infusion tube When infusion, it is often found that a small amount of air enters the scalp silicone tube when fixing the needle. It was observed that the terminal filter had air. The processing method is as follows: In the case of air intake, the regulator can be immediately closed. After the puncture needle is fixed, the outer wall of the silicone tube is continuously bombarded, the air in the tube is moved up to the infusion tube, and the bomb continues to strike the outer wall of the infusion tube until it will Air bombs to Mao Fei's dropper. Prevention of scalp needle silicone tube into the air, in the infusion of the exhaust, when the liquid is about to flow to the terminal filter, the speed will be the terminal filter vertical, while constantly bombing the terminal filter outer wall, you can filter the terminal All air is removed from the device.

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