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Waist urine bag
May 09, 2018

Waist urine bag is also called a lumbar side urine collector and is an auxiliary medical device product for collecting urine in vitro. It belongs to the category of home care medical devices. Generally use package type, divided into daily and night use.

The daily-use type consists of urine collection chamber, catheter, urine storage bag, waistband, shoulder strap and other accessories. After the patient wears a suitable daily-use product, he can go out for social activities with ordinary people and perform simple exercise. The key is to prevent leakage of urine, fumigation, and wound infection. At present, the most severe damage is caused by fever and pruritus caused by skin allergic type ulceration caused by sticky repeated tears.

The hospitalization of patients due to infections at the mouth of the patient not only physically and financially imposes a great burden on the patient and their families, but more importantly, the mental and irritability that the patient causes. The patient’s recovery caused more serious injuries.

The urine collection chamber is used to buckle on the stoma's "nipple" and is then fixed with a waistband; the urinary catheter is used to connect the urine collection chamber and the urine storage bag; the urine storage bag is used to store the urine and the urine is stored to a certain amount It is discharged through the valve at the bottom of the urine bag.

The night-use type consists of a urine collection chamber, a long catheter, and a waistband. The night-use type is used by the patient during the night's rest. The key is that the user wears properly, can rest in different postures, prevent leakage of urine, and enable the patient to fall asleep safely.

Choosing a suitable product is very important for the patient's physical and mental health. A good product can make the patient's life easier and help the patient to return to normal life as soon as possible, while inappropriate products leave the patient at risk. It may be re-admitted to hospital again after being infected twice, which seriously affects the customer's psychology.

When selecting a product, care should be taken to avoid the following:

1, close to the body, the pressure is too large - in order to prevent leakage of urine, some products must be tight urine collection cavity urination stoma, to the stoma produce a great negative pressure, poor blood supply, causing stoma redness, blockage, infection Rot or even necrosis. In addition, the band tightens around the patient's waist and causes discomfort.

2, can not breathe, repeated infections - some products have a closed urine collection structure, the lower end of the connection urine bag, urine moisture and heat fumigation urination mouth, moist heat environment bacteria, causing infection, resulting in stoma swelling Inflammation, blocking pain.

3, large-surface contact, skin ulceration - individual products are sticky skin urine bag, not only urine fumigation, but also due to a large area and paste the skin around the stoma, causing discomfort, causing skin rash or even ulceration, this is a one-time Products can not be used for a long time.

4, design defects, easy to leak urine - other products set the urinary cavity interface without the temporary access to the inner cystic sac, urine can not smoothly flow into the urine bag, resulting in leakage of urine. Individual products use curved balloon to make the leakage of urine worse.

5, the material is rigid, unfavorable to wear - some products use stainless steel urinary cavity shell, latex pad inside, even with a metal fixed plate, heavy and stiff discomfort, latex cover covering the stoma, causing urinary tract blockage, leakage of urine And infection, fixed edge edge grinding the skin to cause pain.

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