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What material does Syringes have
Apr 08, 2018

syringes can be made of plastic or glass, and are usually indicated on the scale above to indicate the volume of liquid in the syringe. Glass syringes can be sterilized with autoclaves, but because of the lower processing costs of plastic syringes, modern medical syringes are mostly made of plastic, which further reduces the risk of blood-borne diseases.

The outer sleeve of the ordinary syringe is made of imported highly transparent medical-grade polypropylene; the piston is made of special high-elastic, low-temperature resistant rubber piston syringe polypropylene (PP) infusion tube is polychlorinated (PVC)

Disposable medical devices at home and abroad generally use PVC as a raw material, which has the advantages of excellent physical and mechanical properties, low price, and simple production process. However, the use of PVC as a disposable medical device has the following disadvantages: There may be a very small amount of polyethylene monomer remaining in the PVC. This compound has been proved to be a carcinogen; the plasticizer that must be used during processing may gradually be used. Contaminated liquids migrated out; adding a variety of metal-containing compounds as stabilizers, may enter the human body and endanger health; In order to increase the stability of metal stabilizers, the added phosphorus-containing adjuvants further increase the toxicity of PVC materials; waste of polychlorinated Ethylene treatment is difficult, causing serious pollution to the environment.

Due to the above defects in PVC materials, developed countries in the United States, Japan, and Europe are developing alternative materials for PVC. To date, PVC has dominated the disposable medical device market because it has not found alternative materials that can compete with PVC in terms of overall performance and price.

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