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Why disposable syringes are tear-away packaging
Apr 08, 2018

As you all know, when you enter the hospital for injections or hanging bottles, doctors remove disposable medical supplies such as syringes or hanging needles from plastic containers. And do not need to use too much effort to tear the package, just need to gently tear along the opening to tear the package. This is easy tear packaging.

Easy-to-remove packaging is most common in hospitals. Almost all disposable medical products are used in tear-away packaging because it needs to ensure that doctors can open the packaging to access internal medical products in the shortest time, because they often save lives. Just for a moment. A few seconds can create the greatest medical wonder. But to ensure that packaging can be easily torn does not mean that the closure of the package is not particularly strong, or that there may be a leak, resulting in bacteria breeding it? 

Easy to tear packaging In order to ensure its easy tearability, it is usually produced using a special tear film. This membrane can be easily torn open without sacrificing sealing strength and sealing. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the package leaking. Since the easy tearability of easy-to-remove packages is provided by a special film material, the quality of the film material becomes an important determinant of whether the package is transitionally easy to tear or tear, and tears produce sticking or residual debris. In the hospital, if the packaging produces debris, it is a very serious matter, if during the operation it may cause debris to enter the wound and so on. Therefore, you must use high-quality tear film.

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