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Why medical absorbent cotton will become a necessity for major hospitals and health clinics.
Sep 09, 2018

The medical absorbent cotton used in daily life is a cotton that has been chemically treated to remove fat, which is removed by removing the inclusions from the raw cotton, degreased, bleached, washed, dried, and finished. It is easier to absorb liquid than ordinary cotton, and is a sanitary product. To manufacture nitrocellulose. The medical absorbent cotton has good water absorption, soft and slender fiber, white and elastic, easy to stratify, no harmful impurities such as acid and alkali, and the quality meets the technical standards set by the Ministry of Health, so it is obtained in major hospitals and clinics. Widely used, because the surface layer does not contain fat, it has good hydrophilicity, soaked in 75% alcohol can be used as a sterile cotton ball.

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