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WOW Bandage

WOW Bandage

Product name: wow bandage Raw material: 100% cotton bleached medical gauze Features: air permeability, no sensitization, highly absorbent Specifications: Count yarn:40’s*40’s, 40’s*32’s, 21’s*32’s Mesh:24*20, 26*18,25*17, 19*15,28*24,30*20 Width:5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm Length:4yd,4m,5yd,...

Product name:wow bandage

Raw material:100% cotton bleached medical gauze

Features:air permeability, no sensitization, highly absorbent


Count yarn:40’s*40’s, 40’s*32’s, 21’s*32’s

Mesh:24*20, 26*18,25*17, 19*15,28*24,30*20

Width:5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm

Length:4yd,4m,5yd, 5m, 6yd,6m,10yd, 10m


The normal packing is that each roll is packed with white paper with the two ends open, 1w rolls per blue paper pack.We can also pack wow bandage in sterile package according to customers’ requirements.


fixation of the surgical dressing at the wounds, wound dressing and wound hemostasis

Wow bandage is made of 100% cotton absorbent medical gauze and the sizes are produced according to the necessities.
And if the customers need, we can pack the bandage with sterile package.

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30 days

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