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Are Medical Bandages The Same As Sports Bandages? Is There Any Difference?
Apr 25, 2018

Not the same, the difference can be seen by the following comparison.

Sports bandages: single-layered, called ankles with letters or patterns, wristbands, knee pads, etc., are elastic, and can play a role in the protection of joints and muscles, elastic bandages are very strong.

Medical bandage: Like an elastic band, it is divided into medium, small, and medium sizes according to the width of the band. This type of bandage is longer than the one mentioned above. It has a length of more than one meter. It can be repeatedly wrapped around. Many rhythmic gymnasts use this type of bandage to get wounded. Often on television, they can see that they have come off the field and have bandages. The lens is used in this way, just like the above function, but the area wrapped around can be larger.