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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Syringe Without Needle.
Apr 01, 2018


1. Without the fear of the needle, the psychological resistance to treatment will be minimized, and the compliance of treatment will be improved, especially for children with diabetes.

2. Diabetic patients with insulin treatment are not easy, and they are carrying their stomachs every day, day after day, they can be more comfortable, so let's have a good time.

3, without the needle, nature will not "break the needle", natural is much safer.

4, some patients carry infectious agents, even is a serious infectious disease patients, the popularity of syringe without needle, can put the treatment of medical risk to a minimum, but also reduces the medical waste handling trouble and expense.

5, simple, pressure adjustment scale, when injection injection press the keys, an injection drug absorption can be repeated several times, according to the characteristics of different skins from fat to skinny, pressure injection, knead skin injection and ripping up skin injections three injection methods, compared with the traditional needle injection, do not need to view the special skill and technique skilled operation, for yourself and for others when the injection is very convenient.

6. Save money. Because injection changed, transdermal diffusion technique different from the traditional needles consequences, so the bioavailability of insulin was increased, and the efficacy of working time is shortened, the cost of the drug. The main body of the syringe without needle can be used for thousands of times and can be used for different patients.

7. No injection site was formed after repeated injection. No other substances enter the body, into the body is a drug that can be absorbed, clean, simple.


1. Compared with the traditional syringe, the price of the syringe is more expensive.

2. Because the injection process is mild and rapid, it is obviously different from the traditional syringe, so it will take some time to get used to whether the injection is successful or not.

3. Because the structure of the syringe is more complicated, the volume is larger than the traditional needle syringe.