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The use Of Gauze
Apr 07, 2018

Gauze variety and versatility. The following are illustrated by the types and varieties of gauze:

1. Pure cotton gauze (also made of cotton gauze), mainly used for cotton quilt, silk quilt material, bales. It can also be degreased and used for medical treatment after sizing.

2. Cotton bleached gauze (also for white gauze or white gauze), because people's living conditions have been improved, advocating health. All cotton bleached gauze is treated by bleaching and soft processing, natural, pure white, comfortable, environmental protection, is made of cotton quilt, silk is the first choice material, also can make face mask.

3. Absorbent gauze, mainly used for medical bandage, medicine cloth, adhesive plaster, etc.

4. Mask gauze, make face mask, have rolls (large volume) or clothing, adapt to the needs of different tailoring methods.

5, mosquito net gauze, make mosquito net use.

6. Bamboo curtain gauze, this gauze is pure chemical fiber gauze, powerful and large, used for bamboo curtain mat cloth.

7. Sizing gauze, used for washing dishes, deerskin towels, carpets, artificial leather, etc.

8. Bean wrap gauze, use pure cotton 21 or 32 yarn weaving, used for making tofu bag.

9. Double layer gauze, made of pure cotton yarn, used for making baby diaper, face towel, napkin, postpartum restraining, fat and abdomen gauze etc.

10, ghost gauze, a variety of colored thin gauze, used in the ghost festival hang on the window or make a variety of irregular clothing to frighten the ghost.

11. The seedlings of seedlings were transplanted with bandage gauze, which was used for seedling root soil when transplanting seedlings.

12. Sparse mesh gauze, sparse mesh is similar to the fishing net, which is used for beating quilt cover, decoration material, wall decoration or industrial use.

13. Book binding gauze, 100% cotton bleaching sizing, used for book binding.

14. Cotton wrapping cloth (also called cotton packing cloth or cotton packing cloth). It is made of 10 yarns and is divided into cotton prepuce and cotton-polyester fabric.

15. The vegetable stall is covered with cloth.

Note: the yarn is a loose single thread of cotton and hemp, which can twist thread and weave cloth.

Industrial emery cloth, other names: iron emery cloth, emery cloth, corundum gauze, dry ground gauze.

Use: mounted on machine tools or by hand grinding metal workpiece surface of burr, rust or polished surface. The coil cloth is mainly used for machining of metal workpiece or plywood. Small size for coarse grinding, size size for fine grinding.