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Wrapping Technique Of Gauze Bandage.
Apr 07, 2018

1. The injured position should be appropriate.

2. The affected limb should be placed in a suitable position so that the patient can maintain the comfort of the body during the dressing process and reduce the patient's pain.

3. The affected limb bandage should be in the functional position.

4. The contractor usually stands in front of the patient in order to observe the patient's facial expressions.

5. Generally should be from the inside out, and from the distal end to the trunk. When the bandage begins, a two - ring bandage is required to fix the bandage.

6. The bandage should be mastered to avoid falling. The bandage should be bandaged and attached to the dressing area.

7. The weekly pressure should be equal and not too light to avoid falling off. Also do not be too tight, in order to avoid the circulation obstacle.

8. In addition to acute bleeding, open wound or fracture patients, local clean and dry must be made before dressing.

Ring, gold bracelet and wristwatch necklace are removed before the dressing.