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What Are The Specifications For Gauze Bandages?
Apr 09, 2018

Model diameter (cm) packaging (rice/box) application site color.

AB12060.56.5 finger white.

AB12081.06.5 white hand

AB12092.06.5 white hand

AB12163.06.5 hands and arms white.

AB12184.06.5 arms and legs white.

AB12195.06.5 legs, white children's head.

AB12265.56.5 adult head white.

AB12285.86.5 adult head white.

AB12296.06.5 adult head shoulder, armpit, buttocks, abdominal white.

AB12367.06.5 shoulders, back, armpit, buttocks, belly white.

AB12388.06.5 shoulders, back, armpit, buttocks, belly white.