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Is Silica Gel Insole Harmful To Human Body?
Apr 22, 2018

No harm.

1, after special craft production of silica gel insoles are very soft and comfortable, has a strong resistance to tear and certain extensibility. Can and direct contact with the skin. The foot care has very good efficacy.

2. It also has antibacterial and antibacterial action, and has obvious deodorization function. For the effect of negative ion powder, now the manufacturer has added anionic powder to the silica gel insole, and the health care function is better.

Transparent silicone insoles for forming a two-component liquid silicone rubber, is composed of liquid and solid set "coexistence of solid and liquid material". Selects high quality silica gel, colorless transparent appearance, jelly shaped, the professional and technical production. Soft and comfortable, the damping effect is very obvious. The heel soft buffering cushion, shock absorption and buffer is wonderful, can effectively eliminate or reduce heel pain, lift heel fatigue designed for comprehensive and balanced absorption springs. Can effectively prevent and improve with health pain, knee pain, low back pain, and by the foot of the spine lesions and other symptoms. Can contract other style and size according to customer's request.