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The Design Principle Of Toe Corrector
Apr 27, 2018

A correct the hallux valgus foot deformity thumb foot orthoses, including: the great toe side fixed piece and the first metatarsal side fixed piece of correct parts, forming a phalanges and metatarsal pills hinged joints in activity of orthodontic bracket, two fixed on a chip respectively for great toe bandages and metatarsal wear trials of perforation design; A bunion can be fixed in the thumb fixation with a fixed band, and the end of the bunion is sticky. The metatarsal fixation is inserted into the perforation of the metatarsal fixation. The metatarsal shape belt of the metatarsal is collected in the pressure, and the metatarsal shape belt is attached at both ends, which can be adjusted according to the user's self-regulation. The other includes the crossbow support pad, which can be fixed to the arch of the foot to support the crossbow through the metatarsal. This product in addition to use at night can be used inside the shoe, which patients wearing shoes with during the day, also can use in metatarsal fixed inside is equipped with a can of sponge of type of sticky pads, according to the walking phalanges and metatarsal range protect metatarsal when walking from the friction. The other according to the features of hallux valgus, this product USES the little toe orthopaedic belt, can according to the situation of hallux valgus fixed for any correction for the other four toes, the utility model combines the latest theory and biomechanical changes of hallux valgus, diseases of the traditional treatments of the hallux valgus function and supporting function of transverse arch collapse integration, which integrates daily.