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What Is The Vacuum Blood Vessel Made Of?
May 01, 2018

1. Material of vacuum blood collection: the collection of blood vessels is mostly ordinary glass tubes and plastic pipes. Because of the high pH value of ordinary glass tube, it is easy to cause hemolysis, while the glass tube of tube drawing process is full of linear gully, which causes the cells to hang wall. Some companies already use neutral glass. Neutral glass with pressure, less dissolution content, molecular arrangement closely, stretching, less groove, tube can be tolerated free fall 1.5 meters height, effectively prevent the collection, transportation and test specimens in the process of leakage and environmental pollution, reduce the chance of resampling. And the bottom of the test tube is specially strengthened to avoid damage when centrifuging. In the process of production, the vacuum blood vessels were treated with internal wall, and the silicone oil or emulsion was diluted in a certain proportion and coated on the inner wall of the tube. Since silicone oil is an inert mixture, it adheres to the inner wall of the tube and reduces the adhesion of blood cells to the wall. Plastic vacuum blood vessels use PET plastic, PET plastic pipe has: quality light, easy to transport; The probability of damage to the pipe wall is very small, the specimen is transported, the possibility of leakage in the centrifuge and the test process is very small. After use, it can be directly autoclaved or incinerated. The inner wall of good tube tube is specially treated in injection molding, which can effectively reduce the adhesion of blood cells and wall and reduce the production of fibrin silk.

2. The suitability of the tube: with the automatic biochemical analyzer and the popularity of blood analyzer and other testing equipment, the tube outer diameter of the unified: 13 mm Ⅹ 75 mm (16), 13 mm Ⅹ 100 mm (16) to direct use. The outside diameter of the national standard tube is obviously too small. After the direct machine can not be fixed and produce different degrees of tilt, the sampling needle is more likely to be damaged. At present, the domestic part of the brand has adjusted standard, unified size, make it suitable for Hitachi, beckmann, Toshiba, orin buss, island ferry, pharmacia, Kurt, east Asia, abbott laboratories, bayer and other test equipment.