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Vacuum Degree Of Vacuum Extraction.
May 01, 2018

Vacuum extractor is a collection tube of specimen and also a test tube. The quantitative vacuum in the blood collection tube provides the power for the blood collection process and the quantitative collection is achieved. Whether the setting of vacuum degree is accurate will have a great influence on the test result. Here are the main factors that affect the vacuum:

1) ambient atmospheric pressure: the higher the altitude, the smaller the blood collection.

2) ambient temperature: the higher the temperature, the lower the vacuum degree, and the less blood collection; Conversely, the lower the temperature, the more blood is collected.

3) product storage time: generally speaking, the longer the storage time is, the less blood will be collected, which is mainly due to the vacuum leakage caused by the test tube of blood vessels and the sealing parts.

4) of the patient's individual differences, such as venous pressure, blood viscosity, blood vessels, status, etc.), such as excessive tension, chemotherapy patients blood viscosity on the high side and hardening of the arteries is likely to be caused by HP is not allowed.

5) blood collection techniques and matching blood collection needle types: for example, the selection of needle type, judgment of the end of blood collection, selection of venous puncture site, etc., if improper disposal can also result in the inaccuracy of blood collection.