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The Introduction Of Non-absorbable Suture Line.
May 06, 2018

The sutures that cannot be absorbed by the tissue are stitched together. The specific stitching time was different due to the suture site and the wound and the patient's condition. When the wound healing was good, there was no infection and other abnormal conditions: the surface of the face was removed from 4 ~ 5 days. Lower abdomen, pubic area 6 ~ 7 days; Chest, upper abdomen, back, buttocks 7 ~ 9 days; Limbs 10 ~ 12 days, proximal joint can extend a few, reduce zhang suture 14 Japan can take apart line. For the special cases of malnutrition and large incision tension, it can be considered to extend the stitching time appropriately. Young people can shorten the time of disassembly, and the elderly, diabetics and patients with chronic diseases can delay the stitching time. Red, swelling, heat, pain and other obvious infection after the operation should be removed in advance. In case of any of the following circumstances, the disassembly shall be delayed:

1. Severe anemia, emaciation, and mild cachexia.

2. Severe water loss or electrolyte disturbance has not been corrected.

3. Elderly patients and infants.

4. When the cough is out of control, the incision in the chest and abdomen should be delayed.