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Classification Of Natural Absorbable Sutures.
May 13, 2018

Natural absorbable sutures.


The gut is a traditional bioabsorbable suture that is made of sheep's small intestinal mucosa. Normal intestinal absorption time is shorter, generally 4~5 d, used for ligation and skin suture. The length of the intestinal line absorbed by crosslinking agent chromium can be up to 14~21 d, which can be used to suture deep tissue.

Silk suture

Silk is a kind of natural protein fiber, silk as sutures has many good properties: (1) degradation products of amino acids the human body needs, sewn into the body after about six months time the gradual degradation of absorption, harmless to human body not only, also can provide the material of the human body; The strength is higher than the gut, the knot is convenient, the knot effect is good; Good moisture absorption, can slowly expand and fill the needle eye after being infiltrated by the blood, reduce the blood flow from the suture, and the quality of suture is good.

Collagen fibers can absorb sutures.

Collagen is the main component in the skin, cartilage and ligament of mammals. Collagen fiber absorbable suture has the following characteristics: good biocompatibility, biodegradable absorbent, no foreign body reaction, and collagen with low antigenicity, can promote the growth of cells.

Chitin and chitosan can absorb suture line.

With chitin, chitosan as absorbable surgical suture material preparation, disinfection, is the general method because they have certain antibacterial ability, don't need to do a strong sterilization. Chitosan is excellent biomedical materials, has a chemical inert, the advantages of no foreign body reaction to an organization, preparation of surgical suture suture, easily to be absorbed by human body itself, take out stitches from the pain, also can increase the intensity of the wound, accelerate wound healing.