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Gauze Bandage Function And Material Type
Apr 08, 2018

  Gauze bandages are widely used in homes or medical settings. Gauze bandages are a common medical product and are generally used to wrap wounds or gauze belts at the affected area. There are many different types of gauze bandages. The function of gauze bandages is also more comprehensive.

  The most common function of the gauze bandage is to fix and protect the material of the injury site, and is an essential medical consumable for surgery. The simplest gauze bandage is a kind of single bandage made of gauze or cotton cloth. It is usually used for the limbs, tail, head or chest and abdomen of the human body. There is also a more responsible gauze bandage which is a complex bandage. The function of this gauze bandage is generally a gauze bandage of various shapes made according to the site and shape of the affected area. The material used is also replaced by a common single layer cotton cloth. A double layer of cotton cloth can be sandwiched between different thicknesses of cotton to increase the thickness of the affected area. There are cloth strips around the gauze bandage so that the medical staff can fix the patient's affected area. This type of gauze bandage Generally by the back waist gauze bandage, the front gauze bandage, eye gauze bandage, abdominal gauze bandage and so on. There is also a special kind of bandage gauze, which is generally used for fixed use in the body's limbs and joints.

  Gauze bandages are also available in a variety of materials, including 100% cotton plain gauze bandages, wrinkle elastic gauze bandages, ammonialen gauze bandages, PBT elastic gauze bandages, and all-cotton woven gauze bandages and viscose gauze gauze bandages. The function of the gauze bandage is closely related to its type. Scroll gauze bandages, also known as single bandages, are made of cotton, gauze, and elastic roll. According to the different parts of the roll, there are various names, including the head, tail, body, inner face, outer face, and upper edge. Underneath and revolving parts. An enhanced version of the reel gauze bandage is a double headed gauze bandage. As its name suggests, it has two heads, and its function and size are roughly the same as those of a reel gauze bandage. There is also a gauze bandage called a triangular gauze bandage, also known as a gauze bandage. This type of gauze bandage is made of unbleached cotton cloth, that is, a cloth with four sides of equal length of about one meter is cut diagonally to make two large girdles, and then The finished bandage is cut from the top to the bottom midline, and can be split into two relatively small bandannas. According to the different parts of the band, there are different terms: the bottom, the vertex, and the left and right points. Its role is mostly used as a suspending arm and forearm and dragging.

 The functions of gauze bandages are many, and the flexible use of gauze bandages can greatly improve the effect of the gauze bandage itself, and can be better used to wrap the patient's affected area.