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Medical Absorbent Cotton Roll
May 16, 2018

The medical absorbent cotton roll is one of the categories of medical absorbent cotton, and is also a medical absorbent cotton。 It is only differentiated according to the shape. The medical absorbent cotton is the main sanitary material used in wound dressing, protection and cleaning of patients in the medical industry.

1. Properties: Soft and elastic white fiber, odorless and tasteless.

2. Whiteness: 80 degrees or more.

3, soluble in water: in the 100ml test solution left should be less than 0.5%.

4, pH: In the 100ml test solution plus phenolphthalein indicator is not pink, plus bromocresol purple refers to

The indicator should not appear yellow.

5, easy oxide: in 40ml test solution plus high fulminate test solution, red incomplete within 5 minutes


6, water absorption time: less than 10 seconds.

7, water absorption: more than 23g per gram of water.

8. Solubility in ether: Residues in the 100 ml test solution should be less than 0.5%.

9. Fluorescent material: Only microscopic brown fluorescent light and a few yellow particles are allowed under ultraviolet light tubes, except for a few

Can not be separated from the strong blue fluorescence.

10. Loss on drying (including moisture content): It should be less than 8%.

11. Residue on ignition: take 2g dry to constant weight, leaving no residue greater than 0.5%.

12. Surface active substances: The surface active foam in the test solution shall not exceed 2mm (5 seconds elimination


13. residual ethylene oxide: should be less than 10mg/kg