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Oxygen Mask For Civil Aviation
Jan 22, 2018

On passenger aircraft, oxygen masks are emergency rescue devices that provide oxygen to passengers. If the cabin suddenly loses its airtightness or encounters other anoxic conditions, passengers can always get an oxygen mask to replenish oxygen. After the plane flew to a certain height

How to use oxygen mask

To pressurize the cabin. If the cabin of the aircraft loses pressure, it will result in anoxia. Passengers may feel dizzy and unconscious in the absence of oxygen and may even endanger their lives. In the case of different levels of cabin loss of pressure, people can withstand hypoxia time is different. The higher the flight, the less time it takes. In the civil aviation passenger plane, each person's seat is equipped with a personal oxygen mask for emergency use, so there is no need to fight for it so as not to delay the use of the oxygen mask.