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Precautions For Medical Gauze
Jul 05, 2018

Attention to medical gauze:

1, check and purchase the appearance of the product. The product should be soft, odorless, tasteless, pure and white, and contains no other fibers and processing materials. It should not display strong blue fluorescence under ultraviolet light.

2, if the product packaging is damaged, or has exceeded the validity period, please abandon it immediately.

3, medical gauze belongs to disposable goods, so avoid repeated use.

Medical gauze is suitable for medical and health organization units, wound care and family trauma care and so on. The scope of use is relatively wide. We should pay attention to the characteristics of the products during the preservation. Do not put the products in the wet environment, and keep away from the fire and flammable products so as to avoid the appearance of the products.

The above is about the use of medical gauze method and attention, if you have the intention to agent / purchase medical disposable gauze tablet products, or to other medical equipment products, you can directly click the link in the article, you can contact the manufacturer, welcome you to call consultation, hope to achieve a sincere cooperation.

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