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Precision Filtration Infusion Set Infusion Particle Type
May 25, 2018

The main types of microparticles and their production processes are: 1. Plastic microparticles, the adsorbent of the infusion bag during the production process; 2. The rubber microparticles, which are generated when the bottle-inserting needle punctures the rubber stopper; 3. Fibers, wool flocs and dust particles, Opening and puncturing during contact with the indoor environment; Fourth, carbon black particles, some of the pharmaceutical preparations themselves; 5. Insoluble colloidal particles, due to the purification process restrictions, in the production of Chinese herbal medicine production process; six, crystal particles, In the case of changes in drug storage conditions and increased storage time; VII, glass debris particles, is scattered particles when cutting ampoules; VIII, drug particles, when the drug is added, due to incomplete dissolution of some powder, physicochemical interaction between drugs , solvent change, pH change, etc.