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Precision Filtration Infusion Set National Standard
May 25, 2018

Intravenous infusion through disposable infusion devices is an indispensable method and method in clinical treatment, but as early as the 1930s, clinical use found that disposable infusion devices in the infusion process will be a variety of hazards that infusion reactions, and The results of the study demonstrate that a large part of the clinical harm caused by infusion is caused by insoluble particles. The disposable infusion set's filter membrane can only filter particles larger than 5 micron in diameter, and its diameter is equal to or less than micron. The disposable infusion set can not be filtered, so it can filter infusions with diameters of 5 microns and smaller. The needs of the device came into being. According to the regulations issued by the State Food and Drug Administration, infusion sets that can filter particles with a diameter of 5 microns and smaller are called precision filter infusion sets.