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Precision Infusion Device Is Better Than Ordinary Infusion Device
Apr 10, 2018

Precision infusion device: It is a new-type one-time precision infusion device that uses air speed control instead of traditional drip rate adjustment method, precision filtration of air and liquid medicine, and automatic exhaust function. Its characteristics are: a new type of air fine filter with drip rate adjustment scale and gas phase film, a chemical liquid fine filter with an automatic exhaust mechanism and a liquid phase membrane, and the drip bucket and small wheel drop of an ordinary disposable infusion device are omitted. Speed regulator. The present invention solves the problem that the current disposable infusion set cannot block the insoluble particles of the capillaries. The adjustment of the drop rate can be intuitively and accurately adapted to the use of chemotherapy, infants, critically ill patients, SARS, and infection wards. Of course, it also applies to ordinary patients.

Ordinary infusion set: Can not filter bacteria, only filter particles, because the size of bacteria is less than micron, while the microporous filter device is larger than micron. Precision infusion devices can effectively reduce particulate contamination in the air during infusion. The filter aperture of a common infusion set does not reach the fine particles produced during the filtration infusion. However, the price of precision infusion device is much more expensive than the common infusion device, and the best condition is to choose the precise infusion device for transfusion.