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The Correct Use Of Vacuum Negative Blood Collection Tube
Mar 27, 2018

Vacuum negative blood collection of blood samples is a new method used in recent years. This method is simple and easy, so that both doctors and patients can avoid infection. 

1. Materials used: disposable blood collection needle and vacuum negative pressure blood collection tube. According to the blood sampling test items, vacuum negative blood collection tubes with different marks are used to collect blood. Principle of blood collection: automatic vacuum suction. 2. Method of operation: carefully check the patient and the test sheet, explain the patient clearly, and obtain patient cooperation. For unconscious patients, families are required to help fix their blood-sucking sites (usually selected elbow veins), puncture the hemostatic zone, sterilize, and hold a disposable lancing needle (front needle) to puncture veins at an angle of 15 to 30°C. The end of the blood collection needle (the rear needle) is inserted into the vacuum tube rubber plug, and the blood automatically flows into the negative pressure tube. The vacuum negative pressure puncture is successful. When pumping various blood specimens, care should be taken to gently shake the anticoagulant tube to avoid hemolysis due to strong vibration. Do not use too much force on each tube change to avoid pulling the blood collection needle out of the blood vessel. When the blood collection is completed, loosen the tourniquet and at the same time reverse the blood collection needle hose, use a sterile cotton swab to hold the needle eye, remove the needle, and loosen the refraction of the blood-needle hose. After the blood collection needle and all the blood in the tube enter the vacuum tube After pulling out the needle, separate the vacuum tube and blood collection needle.