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The Function Of Sports Tape And Its Storage Method
Mar 27, 2018

Sports tape, is a tape that is used during exercise. It is made of elastic cotton cloth as a base material and then coated with a medical pressure-sensitive adhesive. At present, it is widely used in competitive sports to protect and reduce injuries in various parts of the body and play a protective role.

When using sports tape, you need to first clean and dry the adhesive, and then tear the tape according to the required length and quantity.

Exercise tape precautions

1. It is only applicable to protective use during the invasive and sports activities, and should not be applied to the wound.

2. The sports tape is a one-time use product and must not be used repeatedly. The damaged inner package, moisture, and mildew cannot be used.

Sports tape transport and storage method

1. Sports tapes should be protected from moisture, fire and pollution during transportation, and should not be exposed to toxic or harmful substances.