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Ways To Relieve Insulin Injection Pain
Mar 27, 2018

The treatment of insulin is one of the important means to achieve good glycemic control. However, in the insulin-injected group, non-standard injections are widespread. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the correct injection of common sense. Patients need to inject insulin every day. What methods can reduce the pain during injection:

1. Insulin should be placed at room temperature before injection: Insulin taken from the refrigerator will feel painful when injected due to low temperature.

2. The needle needs to be thin and pointed: Select a dedicated insulin syringe with a fine and sharp needle. Do not use slow needles. 

3. After the alcohol has evaporated and dried, it is injected again: the alcohol that has been used to disinfect the skin is not yet dry, and the alcohol is brought into the skin from the eye of the needle to cause pain.

4. Squeeze the skin from the injection site by hand: Use a hand to gently squeeze the skin about 3 cm from the injection site, and feel the pain after injection. It is not only convenient for injection but also distracts the pain caused by the needle when injected. 

5. The speed of needles should be fast: When the needle is inserted, it must be decisive. The slower the needle, the stronger the pain.

6. Do not change the direction of needle removal: After the injection, keep the original needle in the direction and quickly pull the needle out.

7. Maintain muscle relaxation: To relax the muscles at the injection site.

8. Replace the injection site: Keep a distance of 3 to 4 cm from the previous injection site for each injection to avoid skin infections and subcutaneous induration.