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What Are The Five Categories Of High-performance Medical Devices?
May 09, 2018

Coverage of high-performance medical devices, including digital imaging equipment, clinical testing equipment, advanced therapeutic equipment, implant interventional devices and materials, and health monitoring equipment.

Each of them specifically includes:

First, digital imaging equipment.

Take the early and accurate diagnosis as the main attack direction, focusing on breakthroughs in new scintillation crystal and optoelectronic devices, molecular imaging application-specific integrated circuits, high-sensitivity fluorescence data acquisition devices, high-resolution PET detectors, high-performance detectors, large-capacity X-ray tubes, and high-speed data Acquire key technologies and core components such as transmission modules, high-speed slip rings, new high-density/high-frequency broadband/high-sensitivity two-dimensional ultrasonic transducers, and ultrasound-specific integrated chips;

Focus on the development of multi-modal molecular imaging, new magnetic resonance imaging systems, low-dose X-ray imaging, new-type CT, new-generation ultrasound imaging, composite endoscopy, and new microscopic imaging products;

We will accelerate the industrialization and application of key deployments of high-end color ultrasound, digital flat panel X-ray machines, 64-row CT, 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging systems, PET-CT and PET-MRI.

Second, clinical testing equipment.

Take the full-automatic, high-precision, and high-stability as the main attack direction, focusing on breakthrough high-speed automatic biochemical analysis technology, immunoassay analyzer and molecular diagnostic equipment production technology, new reagent development technology, reagent accuracy and quality stability control, and clinical inspection quality Control of key technologies such as reference materials and core components;

Focus on the development of high-throughput clinical testing equipment, rapid bedside testing, integrated and full-automated assembly line inspection and analysis systems, molecular diagnostic equipment, microbiological automated detection systems, high-resolution microscopic optical imaging systems, and high-level biosafety laboratory protection Equipment and other products;

Accelerate the industrialization and application of key deployment of fully automated production and testing equipment, automated chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers, high-throughput gene sequencing devices, and novel microscopic imaging products.

Third, advanced treatment equipment.

Focused on precise treatment, focused on breakthrough miniaturized/high-stability radioactive sources, adaptive TPS, dynamic MLC, multi-center interconnected radiotherapy network systems, particle injectors, large-scale high-field permanent magnetic/superconducting magnets, and vacuum acceleration Key technologies and core components such as chambers, vacuum beam transport systems, high-power high-frequency power supplies, rotating racks, and treatment heads;

Focus on the development of high-performance non-invasive ventilators, digital minimally invasive surgical systems, surgical robots, nursing robots for the elderly, anesthesia workstations, adaptive mode ventilators, electrosurgical instruments, intraoperative imaging equipment, digital integrated operating room;

We will accelerate the industrialization and application of high-performance therapeutic equipment such as intelligent surgical robots, image-guided precision radiotherapy equipment, and hemodialysis equipment that have been deployed with certain technologies, and accelerate the development of medical-assisted robots research and development and application systems.

Fourth, plant interventional equipment and materials.

Take the new material as the main attack direction, focusing on breakthroughs in nuclear magnetic compatibility electrodes, ultra-low-power integrated circuits, high-density feedthrough/high-density electrodes, degradable vascular stent materials, dialysis materials, medical grade polymer materials, implanted electrodes and other core components Other key technologies and core components;

Focus on the development of nerve stimulation control products, degradable blood vessel stents, implants for orthopedic and oral materials, and foldable intraocular lenses;

We will accelerate the industrialization and application of high-end planting interventional products such as key deployments of interventional cardiovascular stents, artificial joints, cardiac pacemakers, and implantable rechargeable bilateral brain pacemakers.

Fifth, health monitoring equipment.

Take intelligent, Internet + as the main attack direction, and focus on breakthroughs in key technologies and core components such as big data analysis technologies and personalized customized technologies;

Focus on the development of intelligent rehabilitation aids, computer-assisted rehabilitation equipment, major diseases and common diseases and chronic disease screening equipment;

Accelerate the industrialization and application of deploying health monitoring products (including wearable products).