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What Is A Chromic Gut? What Is The Relationship Between Chromium Gut And Absorbable Collagen Line?
Mar 27, 2018

Surgical absorbable gut is the line that can be absorbed by the tissue so it does not have to be removed. The medical gut is divided into ordinary gut and chrome gut, and can be absorbed. The length of time required for absorption depends on the thickness of the gut and the condition of the tissue. Generally, it can be completely absorbed within 6 to 20 days. At present, the guts are all packaged in a sterile manner, which is easy to use. 

(1) Ordinary gut: easy to absorb suture made from the submucosa of the intestine or bovine intestine. Absorption is quick, but the tissue reacts slightly to the gut. Mostly used for healing faster tissue or subcutaneous tissue ligation of blood vessels and sutures infected wounds. Commonly used in the uterus, bladder and other mucous membranes. 

(2) The chromic gut: This gut is made by chromic acid treatment and can slow the rate of tissue absorption. It causes less inflammatory reaction than the normal gut. Generally used for gynaecological and urological operations, it is often used as a suture for kidney and ureter surgeries because silk can promote the formation of stones. When used, soak in salt water and straighten until softened to facilitate operation.