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What Is Silicone Gel Insoles ?
Mar 27, 2018

The transparent insole silicone is a two-component liquid silicone rubber. It is a solid and liquid coexisting material of liquid and solid group. It is made of high-quality silica gel and has a transparent and jelly-free appearance. It is produced by professional technology. Soft and comfortable, shock absorption effect is very obvious. The heel soft cushioning cushion, excellent shock absorption and buffering, can effectively eliminate or slow heel pain, relieve heel fatigue specifically for the comprehensive and balanced absorption of plantar impact design. Can effectively prevent Improve and improve the symptoms of Jiantong, knee pain, low back pain, and spine lesions caused by foot problems. We can OEM other styles and sizes.


1, good high and low temperature resistance, can be used in a wide temperature range (-50 °C ~ 200 °C).

2. The use of platinum chromite catalyst is non-toxic and odorless.

3, good fluidity, can be injected into subtle areas (such as integrated circuit components).

4, easy to form.

5. The hardness from the rubber state to the liquid state can be freely changed.

6, superior electrical properties and weather resistance.