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What Is The Difference Between Bandages And Gauz
Apr 25, 2018

Bandages are used to secure and protect the material of the surgery or injury site and are necessary for surgery. The simplest kind is a single shed, made of gauze or cotton, suitable for the limbs, tail, head and chest and abdomen. The bandages are various types of bandages made of parts and shapes. The materials are double-layered cotton cloths, and cotton of different thicknesses can be sandwiched between them, and there are cloth strips around them so as to be tied and fixed, such as eye bandages, back waist bandages, and fronts. Chest bandages, abdominal bandages and armor bandages. Special bandages are used for fixation in limbs and joints.

The medical gauze is mainly made of bleached gauze raw material, mainly for clinical wound dressing. Including medical folding gauze block and medical sewing gauze block, gauze masks and so on.