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What Products Does Medical Supplies Have
May 09, 2018

First, injection puncture instruments

For example: disposable sterile syringes, intravenous venous needles, intravenous catheters, disposable biopsy needles, etc.

Second, medical and health materials and dressings

For example: gelatin sponge, bioprotein glue, hemostatic sponge, gauze pad, absorbent gauze, medical cotton ball, gauze bandage, medical splint, surgical gown, breathable tape, protective clothing, medical masks, etc.

Third, medical suture material

For example: absorbable sutures, non-absorbable sutures, medical zips, etc.

Fourth, medical polymer materials

For example: disposable infusion set, blood collection device, anesthesia bag, chest drainage tube, catheter, tracheal intubation, stomach tube, examination gloves, drainage bag, etc.