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PU Dressing U Type

PU Dressing U Type

IV dressing, non woven IV dressing, transparent IV dressing is made of high breathable backing polyurethane layer coated with hypoallergenic adhesive , providing breathable and quick fixation dressing to secure IV canula and other intravascular catheters and percutaneous devices to the skin. The...

IV dressing, non woven IV dressing, transparent IV dressing

is made of high breathable backing polyurethane layer coated with hypoallergenic adhesive , providing breathable and quick fixation dressing to secure IV canula and other intravascular catheters and percutaneous devices to the skin. 

The Window style design to make it convenient to use.Most advanced technique to make it is environmental and nontoxic.


1. Waterproof,
2. Transparent & breathable, 
3. impermeable to bacteria,
4. Permeable to moisture,
5. Hypoallergenic&proper viscidity,
6. Stretchable.

1.Suitable and comfertable to be put on any part of body
2.To keep bacteria out thus can reduce the infection
3.To prevent the wound from being rubbed and reducing the pain
4. To breathe together with skin and hasten wound recovery
5. To provide the moisture condition for epithelial recovery
6.Not irritate the wound, Reliable for use
7. Not hurt the skin when released from the skin
8. Easy to observe the wound directly


1.Fixing and covering  I.V catheter 
2. Donorsite of the skin
3. Abrasion and laceration protection 
4. Minor burns and scald
5. Preventing and curing the bedsore

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